What I love most about Germany

Germany is a wonderful country. It’s full of beautiful scenery including romantic castles, the German alps, distinctive architecture, and beautiful rivers. There are so many great things about Germany, but there are a few things that I personally love the most.  Of course I love my family there the most, but besides that:

1. The Bakeries! Pretzels, Bread, Rolls and Pastries: German bakeries are full of delicious treats. I think the thing I love the most is that while satisfying the sweet tooth, if you splurge on a sweet treat they aren’t an instant cavity maker. They seem to have the perfect balance of sugar. The German breads, and rolls are a common breakfast item in Germany. Yes, Breakfast. In Germany, it’s not uncommon to have fresh Pretzels, rolls, meat and cheese for breakfast. Typically, you would shop everyday for these fresh items. They also make ready-made sandwiches out of the rolls. It’s not unusual to find a buttered pretzel or a pretzel sandwich as well. Sometimes the pretzels have cream cheese and chives on them.  My personal favorite are the plain pretzels!! They are the perfect balance of bread and salt. They come in the traditional pretzel shape known as “Breze”, and they also are found in a long stick like shape known as “laugensemmel” and a round shape known as “laugenbrot.” Of course these terms vary by dialect and region. They all taste, in my opinion, equally delicious!! The best part is that the pretzel tends to run around 50 cents in many places. It’s very affordable. A decent loaf of bread, fresh-baked, is around 2.50 euros! Bread is delicious and not a wallet breaker.

2.  The train system: I have to tell you….I am in love with DeutscheBahn. I know, I know… you probably figured it out, but I had to let the secret out. Despite our many issues, and we’ve had a few over the time I was in Germany, it is completely wonderful. The trains are generally on time, affordable, and convenient. On the trains you can take your bikes, strollers, and wheelchair with no issues. The ticket machines are easily accessible, and available in English if you choose to use it. I usually did, unless I wanted to impress myself with my German, which at times was an expensive mistake. Many of the fares are super cheap and you can also get special fare tickets. The DeutscheBahn website is very convenient and if you book in advance online you can also save money. I can post in a later blog about how to find the best deals! I love how easy it is to get a train from one city to the next. I lived in a very small town, and we had a very convenient train system very close to our house. I could get from my house in Bellenberg to Ulm (Einsteins’ birthplace, gratuitous fact) in about 20 minutes for 3.20 euros!  I believe it is one of the best train systems in the world, but that’s just my opinion. 🙂
3. The Beer – OK, you all knew I couldn’t get away without mentioning the beer! German beer has a reputation for being the best beer on the planet. That and Oktoberfest….where all the best beers on the planet come together. German beer has every right to that reputation. I would not call myself by any stretch of the imagination a beer connoisseur. Despite the fact I come from a family of hobby brewers, and professional wine makers, my palate is far from trained and distinguished. The one thing I do know is: what I like. I have tried many beers over the years and nothing is more pleasing to my palate than a German Helles (or a light blond lager) or Hefewiezen (wheat beer). I also learned to love the Raddler (which is a beer mixed with lemonade).  I have tried beer in various parts of the world, and nothing compares to German beer. I think more than anything, the beer culture is the most impressive about German. They take their drinking seriously. They don’t drink to get drunk, they enjoy their beer. Beer is a social event. Like most things they enjoy to drink outside, hence the beer gardens (Biergarten).
There are many wonderful things about Germany to mention, and these are just three things. I hope that you travel to Germany yourself and explore the many endless discoveries Germany had to offer.

About Sunshine Stanfield

I am a 30 year old single female. I was born and raised in Chico,Ca. All of my life I have loved to travel. I needed to do something fresh and new....so I moved to Germany. I spent the last year traveling and exploring Europe and learning amazing things along the way. I can't wait to continue my journey again and continue to meet new and interesting people and cultures. I love to share my experiences with others and show others that when it comes to new and beautiful things in life... the discoveries are endless.
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4 Responses to What I love most about Germany

  1. Equinoctical says:

    LOL – I just radomly stumbled about your entry and I am very happy right now, because I’m German and it makes me happy when people vistit my home country and like something about it XD
    And you are right German beer is the best!!! I had the chance to taste many different beers while vistiting other countries and the only one I really liked was “Heineken”. It’s from the Netherlands. But that just may be because I am used to the taste of our beer^^°
    But you saying that the trains were on time mostly made me really laugh. I guess you were very lucky then, ’cause I ride by train very often and if “Die Deutsche Bahn AG” is actually on time it’s like a world wonder. But hey, it’s a good thing if there are trains at all. Last winter many trains didn’t get to drive, because of all the snow we had. It was a total chaos, let me tell ;o)

    Thank you for vistiting our country, I am glad you had a good time here XD and sorry for the bad use of English^^°


    • Thank you so much “Equinoctical” for subscribing to my blog! I do love Germany! I lived there for over a year, and have had many great experiences. I think your English is very good. I can say it’s definitely better than my written German! In all the time I was in Germany I had a difficult time mastering the language. I was lucky that so many people speak decent English. In the end, I was able to understand German conversations around me, and translate greeting cards given to me and job ads. 🙂 I am just impressed how easily Germans can master English!
      German beer is the best! I have had “Heineken” from the Netherlands a few times, and I think it’s drinkable. It’s funny when I was by the factory in Amsterdam, however, I never even had any!! I made a point of having “Guiness” in Dublin, and “Paulaner” in Munich, but forgot to have “Heineken” in Amsterdam.
      You are right about the train system! While I think it’s an efficient, clean, and practical system it is not without it’s occasional hiccups. When I first arrived in Germany I thought it was ‘always on time’ and was thinking to myself, “Now that’s German efficiency.” lol. I quickly learned that occasionally I would have to prepare myself to look up at the sign and see “The train is 10 minutes later” . This would cause the occasional connection problem. As well as waiting on a snowy day for the train through my small town, and finding that it was 20 minutes late. 😦 I would have to say overall that the train system impressed me. It offered many convenient stops along the way, fast, affordable for commuters, and generally clean. This is not something we are to used to here in the States.
      I am so happy for the experiences I had in Germany, and I look forward to someday having more!

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